Friday, July 31, 2009

Intense days

Last few days have been very intense... I had a show in Motovun, promoting my book (yeah, it is finally out :)). I had some really great moments during those few days, but I also had moments when I felt terrible. I lost some of my old friends, gained some new, was disappointed in some of them, and positively surprised in others. There were times when I just wanted to give up on everything, I was so angry and bitter. Finally, I had to escape from Motovun in order to preserve my sanity. Now, writing this from my home, I still do not have a clear picture what went wrong, why was I so anxious to leave. Maybe all I need is some rest. I wanted to write something positive about this whole thing, but I still feel very bitter and disappointed about the way some of my friends behaved... Love for my friends, ignore for my enemies.

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jiem said...

I wanna see your book!!! I had your mail, no problem for the photo, take it easy :) Ok, we want to come in next months, I will have a lot of work I think but, why not october or november...let us know what are your plans in next months, and we will look for tickets...!
I really wanna come, and see your book!!!!